Frequently asked questions


Why did you start your business?

to make women feel more confident, to be creative, and to freeze moments in time for clients to look back on for generations. clients who want to look and feel fierce and want an all-inclusive experience

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and/or their romantic partners. Whether you'd like to surprise your love for an anniversary, groom's gift, birthday, valentine's, just because it's Tuesday, or want an experience just for yourself to regain the fierce confidence you know you once had, this is the way!

Should I wait until I lose a couple pounds?

Heck no! If we all waited until everything was perfect, we would never shoot. My job is to show you how beautiful you are RIGHT NOW! It's all about looking natural and comfortable and making small tweaks to your poses so they look the most flattering in camera.

What do I need to do before the shoot?

All of my packages come with professional hair and makeup to make you look and feel your best without stress, so depending on the package you choose, you'll just want to get your nails done, come prepped with a clean face and clean hair, and bring your fave outfits. (if you are doing the all-inclusive package my stylist will bring looks for you)

Where are we going to shoot?

Totally up to you and your preference. We can shoot in a hotel room (I have some suggestions for my faves), your home, or outdoors!

How long is the shoot going to be?

The hair and makeup takes about an hour, depending on the style you choose. After that, I like to take my time to make sure you get all of the best images. We will tun on some of your favorite tunes and start playing with posing, lighting, and some fun, creative angles. Shoots typically take 2-3 hours, but I never want you to feel rushed so there is no restraint.

What if I have blemishes or stretch marks?

Don't worry about that at all. I do retouching on your final images so your skin looks pristine without it looking fake. :-)

How do I know how to pose? I'm not a model...

I hear this all of the time. Nobody knows how to "pose" because that word is unnatural itself. Don't worry about posing as I will walk you through the whole shoot and you'll start to feel at ease when you start to see some of the images we capture. 

Do you share my images?

I would love to be able to share with the world how gorgeous you are, but I will only share images that you agree on. Some of the shoots go from clothed to implied nude to nude and I would never reveal anything you aren't comfortable with.

Speaking of nude, do I have to get naked?

Absolutely not. I always want you to feel comfortable. There are some fun shots we can get that imply you are nude without showing anything. I can always turn away while you are switching positions.

Do you have outfits or do I bring my own?

If you choose the all-inclusive experience, you'll get to skype with my stylist about your body type, size, and the styles you like so that she can go shopping for you and bring a few looks to the shoot that will be perfect for you. You'll get to pick your fave 2 and bring them home with you as well! All of the other packages you'll be bringing your own outfits. A lot of my clients have a good collection so they bring a bunch. We will pick the ones that are most flattering and go from there.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. For both the All-Inclusive Boudoir Photography Experience and the All-Inclusive Business Photography Experience, payment plans are available. Please contact me for more info.

I am not a value photographer because I value my photography.
— Casey Jade